We get it.

We’re entrepreneurs too. We know how frustrating it can be to deal with lawyers who don’t seem to understand your reality. We know how valuable (and rare!) it is to get advice from someone who knows the law and how things really work in your business.

We’ve also been that over-stretched and isolated in house counsel. We’ve been the lawyer bogged down by day-to-day contracts and firefighting who never gets time for proactive and strategic projects.

And we’ve seen how much talent leaves the legal industry because legal roles that are both flexible and fulfilling are as rare as hen’s teeth.

So we figured there must be a better way.

Every day we challenge ourselves to provide just that.

Who we help.

If you’re in business, you’re our ideal client.

We partner with small family-run businesses, small-medium enterprises, tech unicorns and corporate giants alike. Our lawyers understand the unique pressures faced by businesses at all stages of their growth, and across a broad range of industries.